Introducing Techolony's Talent and Workforce services

Introducing Techolony's Talent and Workforce services

Following the growth in demand for Techolony's Project Delivery and Consulting services and our own need to increase the capacity of our delivery teams internally; Techolony are now upscaling our internal recruitment function into a customer facing IT Talent and Workforce service focusing on Executive Search, Cyber Security, Infrastructure and Development.

These four key areas are something that we have extensive delivery knowledge in and intend to focus on throughout 2019 for our growing client base.

In 2020 we will be announcing a partnership with a recruitment consultancy who will be collaborating closely with Techolony to offer a wide variety of solutions to clients around the UK.

Here at Techolony, we believe that our project delivery and consulting background gives us a unique insight and access into the best of breed in the IT sector - individuals and teams that we know will deliver on their promises.

We are offering personalised Talent and Executive Search services for highly competitive prices combined with risk reduced contracts through our SOW and work package solutions.

As an established organisation who has designed and delivered complex technical solutions for household names we know that our technical expertise combined with our recruitment solutions will make a very enticing offering to our future clients.

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