New Powers So UK Regulator Can Hold Big Tech Firms To Account

The UK government has announced that it is giving statutory powers to the new Digital Markets Unit (DMU) regulator to enforce pro-competition rules and protect users from the “unfair practices” of big tech companies.

Pegasus Spyware Discovered In Downing Street

The University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab has reported finding evidence that Pegasus spyware was being used to listen-in on UK government networks for 10 Downing Street and the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices (FCO) in 2020 and 2021.

Microsoft’s Outlook’s Self-Updating Emails

As part of its roll-out of the collaborative working ‘Loop’ app, Microsoft has announced that as part of its ‘365 Roadmap’, self-updating Loop elements can now be included in Outlook emails. The Techolony team take a deep dive..

3% of Users Responsible For 92% Of Breaches

A report by Security Company ‘Elevate’ has revealed that 3 percent of users are responsible for 92 percent of malware events for businesses, indicating that a small number of users create the most risk.

The Essentials Of A ‘BYOD’ Policy

In this article, the Techolony team take a look at what BYOD is, why a BYOD policy is important, and what elements form the essential blueprint of a BYOD policy.

Microsoft’s March Commercial Price Increases

With Microsoft poised to increase its first substantive commercial pricing increase for Microsoft 365 since the company launched Office 365 a decade ago, we take a look at the added benefits and value and the justification behind the price changes.

Tech Insight : How To Check Your VPN

In this article, the Techolony team takes a look at some of the ways users can assess how good their VPN really is.

What was new at CES 2022?

In this tech insight, we take a look at a selection of the latest B2B and B2C tech products and gadgets on show at the recent CES® tech trade show.

What Are Quantum Computers?

In this tech-insight, the Techolony experts take a look at what quantum computers are and what they’re used for.