Service Design and Transition


As an organisation that specialises in the delivery of complex projects and programmes, you would expect us to have robust principles when it comes to service design and transition.

Techolony operates 4 fundamental components when it comes to our approach to service design in a Change project.

If any one of the four P’s is missing from the design stage, your services will not successfully meet the needs of your business, IT, and end-users.

Techolony’s approach ensures a holistic design approach so that the final service requires minimal improvement through its lifecycle - the outcome being cost avoidance and savings to your business.

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The foundation of good service design and management, our Service team have the knowledge, skills, and resources to effectively design and implement quality services. When you hire Techolony you will gain a clear understanding of your end-user needs and requirements so that the services are designed with them in mind.


Products are any tools, services, and technology that Techolony provide to successfully deliver your new services. As we design your new services, our team considers what tools (e.g., automation) and technology we can offer to streamline the design process.


How ready is your organisation to implement and support a new process? Techolony’s service design process will help you consider what processes, roles, responsibilities, management controls, and activities are required to provision new IT services and design them for you.


Partners include any third-party companies, such as vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers, who work with you to support your IT services. During the design stage, we will help you consider which partners you will need to build and support your new services.

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