• Delivering Projects and People
    Techolony are an IT Professional Service firm that specialise in the delivery of Projects and People.
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  • Protect your most valuable assets
    Cyber security solutions for small and medium enterprises.
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  • Supporting your Desktop, Infrastructure & Security - covered 24/7.
    Our in-house Support services provides your business the support you need 24/7.
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  • Techolony will Change, Protect and Support the growth and transformation of your business
    Defining, Designing and Delivering ICT solutions around Europe and beyond.
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  • Let's work together
    Techolony specialise in Digital Transformation solutions across Financial Services and Insurance.
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 Let's work together

Techolony are an IT Professional Services organisation that drive value through some of the largest programmes in the UK across Financial Services, Government, Insurance, Retail, Oil and Gas and Automotive. We understand the complexity of multi-supplier contracts. Collaboration is at our core.

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 What about the workers?

Here at Techolony, we recognise that skills and knowledge advancement are the heartbeat of a quality organisation. By working closely with our learning partners, we provide huge value to our customers and associates for our classroom based ICT courses and mentoring schemes.

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Over 600 Google Workers Urge the Company to Cut Ties With Israeli Tech Conference

Category: Business, Business / Tech Culture

WIRED reviewed a letter showing hundreds of Google workers demanding the company drop its sponsorship of MindTheTech, a conference in New York this week that promotes Israeli tech companies.

Diletta Bello Review: Perfect Crema Comes at a Cost

Category: Gear, Gear / Reviews, Gear / Products / Kitchen

Treat it right and the Diletta Bello will brew the perfect espresso shot; treat it poorly and it'll spit in your cup.

Apple Fined $2 Billion as Europe Sides With Spotify

Category: Business, Business / Policy and Net Neutrality

Music streaming service Spotify has long complained that Apple’s App Store rules put unfair restrictions on its business. Today the European Commission agreed, fining Apple $2 billion.

Apple fined €1.8bn for breaking streaming rules

It comes after Spotify complained about a block on telling users about cheaper alternatives to app store.

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