• Defining, Designing and Delivering ICT Solutions
    Quality ICT Professional Service Teams delivering project success around Europe and beyond.
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  • If you've got a problem, we'll solve IT!
    Bounce your ICT problems off us. Our consulting team are waiting to speak to you.
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  • Time to train?
    Here at Techolony, we recognise that interim ICT skills are the heartbeat of delivering change.
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  • White labelled professional services
    One of our specialties is white labelling our people and teams to deliver o behalf of international ICT providers.
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  • Let's work together
    Techolony have worked on some of the largest technology programmes in the UK across Financial Services and Insurance.
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 Let's work together

Techolony are an IT Professional Services organisation that drive value through some of the largest programmes in the UK across Financial Services, Government, Insurance, Retail, Oil and Gas and Automotive. We understand the complexity of multi-supplier contracts. Collaboration is at our core.

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 What about the workers?

Here at Techolony, we recognise that skills and knowledge advancement are the heartbeat of a quality organisation. By working closely with our learning partners, we provide huge value to our customers and associates for our classroom based ICT courses and mentoring schemes.

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 What we do

Techolony Talent & Workforce - Check out our Job Board.

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NHS Covid-19 app: England and Wales get smartphone contact tracing for over-16s

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