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    Techolony are an IT Professional Service firm that specialise in the delivery of Projects and People.
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  • Protect your most valuable assets
    Cyber security solutions for small and medium enterprises.
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  • Supporting your Desktop, Infrastructure & Security - covered 24/7.
    Our in-house Support services provides your business the support you need 24/7.
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  • Techolony will Change, Protect and Support the growth and transformation of your business
    Defining, Designing and Delivering ICT solutions around Europe and beyond.
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    Techolony specialise in Digital Transformation solutions across Financial Services and Insurance.
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 Let's work together

Techolony are an IT Professional Services organisation that drive value through some of the largest programmes in the UK across Financial Services, Government, Insurance, Retail, Oil and Gas and Automotive. We understand the complexity of multi-supplier contracts. Collaboration is at our core.

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 What about the workers?

Here at Techolony, we recognise that skills and knowledge advancement are the heartbeat of a quality organisation. By working closely with our learning partners, we provide huge value to our customers and associates for our classroom based ICT courses and mentoring schemes.

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Is Elon Musk worth his $56bn Tesla pay package?

He is beloved by his millions of followers online, but would Musk's businesses have succeeded without him?

Apple and OpenAI make a deal

The Verge's Nilay Patel, Alex Cranz, and David Pierce discuss takeaways from WWDC, this week's gadget news, and Elon Musk dropping his lawsuit against OpenAI. Further reading: Apple and OpenAI aren’t paying each other yet, says Bloomberg MKBHD interviewed Tim Cook. Tim Cook is ‘not 100 percent’ sure Apple can stop AI hallucinations Can Apple Intelligence fix the iPhone’s broken notifications system? The AI upgrade cycle is here Here’s how Apple’s AI model tries to keep your data private The best small updates Apple didn’t mention at WWDC Apple IDs are becoming Apple Accounts Apple skipped over the best visionOS 2 updates iOS 18 will let you record calls — and tells everyone for their privacy SharePlay is coming to Apple TV, HomePods, and Bluetooth speakers  Finally, offline maps with turn-by-turn guidance. The new versions of iOS and macOS will let you rotate your Wi-Fi address to help reduce tracking. Xbox boss: ‘I think we should have a handheld, too’ Microsoft announces a discless Xbox Series X console in white Xbox chief confirms more games are coming to other platforms Jabra’s earbuds are going away, but the impact they made isn’t The best thing about Jabra’s new earbuds is the case  The Light Phone 3 adds a better screen, a camera, and new ways to replace your smartphone The Windows on Arm chip race heats up with a challenger to Qualcomm Did startup Flow Computing just make CPUs 100x faster? Here’s the white paper and FAQs Google is putting more Android in ChromeOS Elon Musk drops lawsuit against OpenAI Elon Musk has unusual relationships with women at SpaceX, WSJ reports Sony buys Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Pew: A growing number of Americans are getting their news from TikTok Email us at [email protected] or call us at 866-VERGE11, we love hearing from you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

Tesla investors back record-breaking Musk pay deal

Tesla says shareholders have again approved a record-breaking pay deal for billionaire Elon Musk.

Tesla Shareholders Approve Elon Musk’s Big Payday

Category: Business, Business / Transportation

Elon Musk will pocket $50 billion after Tesla shareholders made a show of support for his leadership.

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