Data is the new form of business capital and all organisations undergoing change must leverage it to develop and grow. 

The data your organisation is dealing with is many multiples in scale compared to what you were dealing with a few years ago. 

As a result, it is not uncommon for your processes and infrastructure for dealing with that data to be lagging behind.

See data in a new light

If you need help devising a data and information strategy, wish to introduce automation to manage and govern your data or need to migrate and integrate your data then Techolony have got the skills and the tools to guide you on your data journey.


The Data Migration team at Techolony specialise in the Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data in a safe, secure and efficient way. 

Our management and technical consultants have significant experience with the project management, architecture and technical delivery of complex migration projects. 

Using our own in-house methodology, automation tools and migration tooling, we will seamlessly guide you on your data migration journey.


If Migration is the ‘throw’, then Integration is the ‘catch’. If you have a Data Integration project the Techolony can help steer you through the technical and business processes to combine your data from multiple source and provide you with that unified view of the data through the creation of data lakes and data reporting dashboards.


What good is having vast quantities of data if you need an administrator to access it? Allow Techolony to guide you on the final stage of your data journey and enable your users to search through and benefit from all your data sources through our grassroots consulting approach to data management and governance.

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