Before commencing complex, Digital Change and Transformation in an organisation, it is essential to fully define the business drivers, scale, magnitude, duration and strategic importance driving it.

As such, Techolony promotes the importance of ensuring alignment of IT and business strategies prior to commencing. This alignment involves more than combining the strategies into one single document.  

This why our bespoke ‘Early Engagement’ Consulting service combine management consulting, enterprise architecture and IT programme advisory services to provide assurance that there is clear alignment between business and IT on strategy and targets, supported by mutual leadership and accountability. 


No single methodology fits every organisation and as such, Techolony uses its proven set of tools and techniques that are adaptable to a variety of scenarios. By applying these techniques, our client executives understand what to expect throughout.

Vendor Neutral

We believe that providing vendor neutral advice is essential.  Our independent advisory services ensure that you are recommended solutions that are tailored to your requirements, budget and strategic outlook to ensure that you avoid unnecessary costs now and in the future.

EA 2.0

Our Enterprise Architecture team are tasked with enabling our clients move towards ensuring a universal business understanding.... on bringing EA to life instead of just words on a page... in showing tangible and measurable business benefits.  

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