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Projects as a Service

PaaS is Techolony's managed service offering for the delivery of IT Change and Transformation Solutions and the workforce required to deliver them. Techolony will help deliver successful change in your organisation in two ways.

1. providing exceptional programme and project leaders supported by...

2. our flexible consultant teams of Analysts, Architects, Designers, PMO, Engineering and Service Transition teams.


Simply put, this unique service model provides our Delivery Guarantee each month which links KPI's, milestones and deliverables to our monthly service charge. 

Our four key benefits to you are the ability to flex up and down our delivery teams, delivery certainty for our clients, knowledge sharing and robust governance. All this means speedier solutions and less cost to deliver your projects.

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Additional Services

As well as delivering project management as a services, we provide a range of complementing program and project services including:

  • Shared Service Project Management Office

  • Turnaround & Recovery service

  • Programme Review & Assurance

Wider Industry Knowledge

Industry knowledge is helpful when delivering projects. However, we hire our project managers with broad experience so you have access to a wider depth of experience.

Project Managers  

We retain only the top 3% of program and project staff who score highly on knowledge, leadership, delivery experience, and direction, and they are supported by Techolony’s in-house tools, processes and training to ensure our consultants and teams match your requirements and culture


Through our management and technical expertise and collaboration approach to complex technical change, we enable the true transformation of our client's business.

Commercial Options  

Techolony offers a range of commercial options for our clients

  • Fixed price against a project, work package or workstream.

  • Performance + : Monthly delivery commitments (milestones, performance, products) linked to your service charges. You only pay for what you receive.

  • Contractor + : An alternative commercial model to your T&M agency solutions. Working outside of IR35.

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