Meet The ITeam

Meet The ITeam

Do You Have an IT Problem and no one Else Can Help?

Is ‘The Agency’ letting you down or are their freelancers not getting the job done?
Are your IT Solutions taking too long to deliver or costing too much?

Then maybe you could hire the ITeam.

The ITeam are an elite team of IT professionals who love all things tech. Their mission is simple : to deliver exceptional results and the greatest value.

Professional Service

So how does it work? It’s quite simple really. We supply you with a pre formed, high performing team of management and technical professionals who can design, plan and deliver technology solutions in a controlled, structured and cost effective manner. Our teams work directly with end user customers or as covert professionals under our white label services offerings to larger consultancies or workforce suppliers.

The fact that the ITeam is pre-formed means you get the same level of service every time. ‘The Agency’ gives your business people, the ITeam gives your business outcomes. You’re not hiring a collection of individuals – you’re hiring a professional delivery service. Hiring the ITeam ensures your projects hit the ground running, saving you costly team building time and expense, guarantees consistent quality and offers a flexible hybrid workforce that you can use when you need it and not when you don’t.

We understand that anyone can talk a good game but we have walked that road as well. What makes our service offering unique is we govern our service with a simple, KPI measured service contract agreed by you, the customer, to ensure our value of service and journey to a successful outcome is maintained throughout. 

You pay when you’re happy and you don’t when you aren’t. 

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