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Techolony is a UK-based strategic Cyber Security partner, with a global reach.

Techolony has and continues to invest heavily in this space, allowing us to provide strategic services offering all the advantages of enterprise-level Cyber Security typically benefited by the Financial Services and Government institutions but tailored towards SMEs who require a more focused approach. Techolony offers a pesonalised and bespoke approach to securing your key assets, mitigating the risks and protecting your brand. Thanks to our unrivaled suite of services, we provide organisations with the assurances that their most important assets are protected.

Techolony doesn’t just provide world-class Cyber Security services.

We provide peace of mind.

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Technical Security Consulting   

It is now more important than ever to receive expert advice to help with safeguarding your core assets - and Techolony can help you.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Cyber Criminals exploit vulnerabilities with automated tools in simple, aggressive attacks. Entrust Techolony to identify potential points of exploit and security holes before it's too late.

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Cyber Defense Operations   

Techolony's renowned Cyber Security team helps you achieve a resilient cyber defense posture to continue operating regardless of the cyber threats faced.

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Detection & Response 

Techolony’s Managed Detection and Response services provide multiple layers of defense capability to keep your systems and critical data safe from cyber threats.

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Managed Security  

Techolony offers a full range of internal and external vulnerability scanning to support the protection and security of your network infrastructure. 

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In today’s cybersecurity landscape with the ever-increasing risk of data loss, ensuring compliance & strong governance is more important than ever.

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