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The final element to Techolony's three-pillar offering is Support. This continues the successful work completed within the Business Change & Protect sectors and ensures that your business is set up for continued success. Businesses need to rest assured that their essential technologies are up and running, 24/7 - and that's where Techolony can help. 

From ensuring your business is "always-on" with our in-house Security Operations Centre, and 24/7 It Helpdesk, through to Cloud Hosting solutions and Network Management, Techolony has the on going support plan that your business needs to succeed. 

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24/7 Managed SOC 

Overcoming advanced threats requires more mature technology, skilled people, and diligent incident response than in years past. Instead of  staffing, training, and maintaining  a security operations center (SOC) internally, Techolony's SOC-as-a-Service enables you to mature your security posture quickly and at scale - 24/7.

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Cloud Hosting   

Techolony are vendor neutral, meaning we provide independent advice and recommend Cloud solutions based upon your requirements and your budget. We have designed solutions for smaller government departments or larger financial institutions.

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24/7 Helpdesk   

Techolony's 'follow the sun' services mean that when you need help, our team can be there for you every minute of every day of the year.

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Managed Networks 

Techolony provides the services you need to support your existing networks, expand to meet business growth, and roll out new networks. 

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