Here to help

Here to help

Techolony's ethos is in helping those who need our support. Our Training division recognises that the time when people need help with their career most is when they are out of work or in between contracts. The market is a tough place and there is a constant demand to adapt in order to remain competetive. 

That's why we've opened up our 'Learn now, Pay later' scheme to assist those who want to maximise their chance of finding the role that they want without paying at a time when income is minimal or absent.

How do you claim this offer?

1) Follow our company page on LinkedIn and make sure you don't miss out on one of our published discount codes from one of our previous posts.

2) Go to our sister site and find a course you like at a location and date to suit you

3) Email [email protected] with your details and one of our friendly staff will call you back within 4 hours to arrange your booking.

Good luck and enjoy your course!