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Techolony's Project Management as a Service model doesn't just provide high quality programme, project and PMO management. 

We provide a service wrapper to take accountability for the 'End to End' delivery of your ICT solutions to guarantee delivery month on month.

That includes the solutions architecture, technical design, programme management, mobilisation of implementation teams and of course the service and transition management into your ICT operations.

As our customer, you control the future of your IT strategy whilst we remain firmly responsible for delivering clear outcomes.  We never forget who the customer is and the goals you need to achieve. 


Our Project Leaders thrive with ambiguity, create sense from chaos and drive the right behaviours to bring together clients, suppliers and teams. Specialists in their technology fields of choice combined with strong consulting backgrounds, you are in safe hands with a team that will ensure the project outcomes align to your business goals.


A well delivered ICT project is only as good as the technical solutions that are designed to address the business needs. Our team of Architects are highly experienced in driving out effective designs of complex ICT solutions. All our solutions follow Techolony's own robust governance processes that focus on the security and operational effectiveness of the ICT solutions.


With our core business being the effective delivery of ICT projects, there are typically 5 key pain points that we assist our clients with 

1. Technical and Management Leadership
2. Mobilisation of people and processes
3. Governance
4. Recovery
5. Technical Implementations

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