Delivering Change


Our specialties? Aligning technical design and implementation services to complement your business strategy and planning.
We may be lovers of technology, but we’re also pragmatists...

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Project Management

Whether it’s access to a highly skilled programme delivery team, augmented staffing solutions or our process improvement team to review your project delivery capability, we can scale our technical and management services according to your budget and needs...

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If you're a small business wishing to enhance your technical and management capabilities, or a large corporation looking to transform performance through a comprehensive development strategy, we can tailor learning solutions to suit your needs...

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Techolony Staffing don’t just provide technically savvy workers. We supply carefully shaped, high performing teams. Our shaping process ensures they are ready with supporting governance, processes and training to ensure that whether you require one individual or one hundred – you will receive a high performing team with a wealth of knowledge utilising mature governance processes and ready to deliver from day one...

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White Label Services

Whether you’re a large ICT managed services supplier or an expanding recruitment company, winning that new contract is just one hurdle; delivering quality ICT staff and services is a whole different challenge...

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