Webinars of the week

Webinars of the week

Tuesday, April 28 

Leading Through COVID-19: Overcome Hidden Remote Work Challenges (Airing Local Time - Singapore) 

Presented by: Gavin Tay 

(British Summer Time : 4:00pm) SGT: 11:00 a.m. (Singapore - 29 Apr) | EDT: 11:00 p.m. (New York - 28 Apr) 

 •  Trusting employees to do their work even if you can't see them
 •  Which types of work can be done remotely
 •  The technology infrastructure to support remote work


Wednesday, April 29 

Leading Through COVID-19: Disrupting Traditional Approaches to Create a Resilient Innovation Funding Model 

Presented by: Michelle Bazargan 

British Summer Time : 4:00pm

 •  Become agile in every process during global disruption
 •  Develop foundational and flexible approaches to funding innovation
 •  Increase agility and growth while balancing financial expectations