When The Plan Comes Together

When The Plan Comes Together

The Sports division of Ticketmaster wanted to move away from task driven project delivery and align their project function towards business benefits. As such, they called upon Techolony’s IT Professionals to shift their function from project focused to a value driven and outcome based Programme Management function.

What did we do?

Techolony introduced experienced IT leadership into Ticketmaster, who worked collaboratively to articulate the way the current process operated and how we could help improve and innovate. Based on all the information gathered, we created structured and standard processes, including people and cultural changes, required to achieve success

Developing a close working relationship with Ticketmaster that led to consistent collaboration, the Techolony leadership executed the following...

  • Introduced processes to enable management delivery teams to focus less on task delivery and more on exceptions and on outcomes 
  • Introduced ‘trust’ as a key element of tracking delivery of their SME’s
  • Worked closely with all teams (regular stand-ups & reviews) and help remove bottlenecks to allow the teams to deliver
  • Provided the tools and support to empower people to make the correct decisions more often
  • Managed stakeholders effectively through clear communication and without ambiguity

The Outcome

Following Techolony’s involvement with Ticketmaster, our client switched focus from short term project success to long term business goals. The system we implemented was managed by exception and empowered people along the way… enabling the leadership to trust their teams and team members to feel more valued, all ultimately leading to an environment built for success!

"In December 2017, Techolony were engaged to deliver an Investigations Case Management project for our Government client in New Zealand. This is  a significant piece of work with a challenging customer and a very significant piece of business for Xanalyswhich upon successful delivery will be a referenceable project for our future sales activities. Like most large government contracts, Xanalys are tied to significant financial penalties in the event of failure to deliver to pre-agreed milestones and delivery dates. 

Four months down the line, Xanalys is in a very strong position having delivered all of its key milestones. Techolony have introduced robust project controls, demand management processes and reporting; they have demonstrated excellent stakeholder management both internally and externally and I look forward to seeing this programme delivered to a successful conclusion towards the end of 2018".

Managing Director
Xanalys Limited

Techolony : Our Mission

Simply put, our mission is to continue offering premium, highly governed IT solution design and delivery services.

We will work closely with you throughout the service lifecycle and govern our service with a simple, KPI measured contract agreed by you, to assure your value of service and journey to a successful outcome. 

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