Professional Value Driven Services

Professional Value Driven Services

A Collaborative, Value Driven Service

Although our professionals love all things tech, our overriding objective is to offer the greatest value to our clients – not sell the most fashionable solution or design the largest and longest running programmes. Whether it’s avoiding you cost through efficient programme delivery or saving your operational costs through strategically designed infrastructure or application solutions, adding value and delivering business benefits is at the core of our services.

A Performance Measured Contract

Our service contracts all offer performance measured deliverables where Key Performance Indicators are linked to the service cost to build trust, add assurance and drive value across our clients operations. 

How does it work? Quite simple. We provide a pre-formed team of management and technical professionals to deliver a portfolio, programme or project of yours. That team will be governed by a contract with financially linked KPI's agreed by you and measured at jointly governed monthly 'Value of Service' reviews.  You will have retention rights of a % of the monthly service cost - so when we deliver across all the KPI's, we receive payment in full and if we fail to deliver on some of the KPI's you retain a % of our service charge for that month. 

Why do we offer it? Two reasons - The first and most important is because we believe that in order to maximise a successful value driven outcome when delivering business and technical change, both client and supplier need to share in the risk. The second is because unlike a recruitment agency that provide a service to deliver people, Techolony provides a service with teams to deliver change and measurable outcomes. We hold ourselves accountable for your success.

Techolony can either deliver a professional services team to focus on one single programme or portfolio, a suite of projects, a work package or an operational function (e.g. a Demand Management / Resourcing Function /  PMO).

The Benefits 

  • Reduction of the overall cost of delivery by providing a team who will deliver greater budgetary certainty.
  • Financially linked contractual measures to increase collaboration and certainty of service excellence.
  • High performing teams of experienced and incentivised resources with common values, skill sets and knowledge who have a background in the demanding world of managed services provision.
  • Providing access to skills and experience not available within your existing teams.
  • Enabling you to flex your team up and down to meet fluctuating delivery demands.
  • Access to our 'On the Bench' Consultants for ad-hoc demand.
  • Access to complementary Training and Mentoring Services.
  • Free up your permanent resource pool to provide strategic benefit back into the business.
  • Promote positive behaviours, standards and outcomes with people who have common service goals, work ethics and who are governed by the same stringent standards.
  • Bring about a positive cultural change in the strategic delivery of programmes and projects.

Our Promise

"We will provide you with value driven professional services at competitive costs and with the utmost integrity. We offer high performing and flexible ICT delivery teams with a contractual and governance wrapper that is designed to reassure, encourage collaboration and lead positive outcomes in the delivery of complex change within your business".