Joining our Colony of Associate Members

We split our members into Core Associates, Mentors and Periphery Associates. We value all three roles in equal measures as their combination will continue to be an integral part of our colony’s collaboration with client and business growth. As associates, you may or may not be seeking freelance work or permanent roles with Techolony. As such, please complete as much information as fits your needs when you register.

Core Associates

Classified by their contribution and active engagement with Techolony.

Their benefits include...

1. Access to any potential new roles before they are publicised
2. Invitations to become involved in commission based pre-sales activities that demonstrate your specialist knowledge
3. Access to our mentoring scheme providing access to C level execs, management professionals, technical SME’s or any other mentor you seek
4. Access to our business referral scheme with large commission based bonuses
5. Up to 60% discount off our 1000+ classroom based and online Training courses for yourself or your close colleagues
6. Discounted access to Gartner events in the UK and US


Individuals that are primarily focused on offering mentoring to another individual(s) and will have access to all of the benefits of a Core Associate.

Periphery Associates 

Members that are usually less involved with Techolony day to day both online and offline.

Their benefits include...

1. notification within 72 hours of any new roles that become available
2. capped discount of up to 20% off our 1000+ classroom based and online Training courses
3. discounted access to Gartner events in the UK and US
4. Access to our business referral scheme with commission based bonuses dependent on referral type.

Helping us to help you

1. Be Involved! “Follow” Techolony’s company page on LinkedIn so you receive our latest news, offers and events.
2. Share our latest company posts to raise your profile and raise awareness of our activities and services.
3. Ensure your profile on JoinTheColony.Today is completed fully to reflect your desired involvement and to receive the benefits.
4. Update your LinkedIn career profile to reflect you are now an Associate Member of Techolony. 
5. Get involved with our Mentoring Scheme by registering your interest in time for its wider launch in 2018.