Why does your business need managed testing for your project or software?

Why does your business need managed testing for your project or software?

Why does your business need managed testing for your project or software?

Managed testing services allow organisations to fully delegate the testing function to a trusted and competent vendor and pay for defined outcomes, saving valuable internal resources that can be more effectively allocated to a different sector of the business. As an end-to-end digital transformation consultancy, Techolony’s managed testing services helps organisations deliver software with minimized quality risks in frequent iterations. Techolony’s QA experts ensure quality at speed by establishing mature QA processes that seamlessly align with the development process.

But, why should you appoint a digital transformation consultancy like Techolony to manage Testing Services with your project? Does Testing add value and reduce potential costs to the rest of the project? The Techolony team has the answers.

1: Testing today saves unexpected extra costs tomorrow

Testing has many benefits and one of the most important ones is cost-effectiveness. Having a testing phase in your project can save money in the long run. Software development consists of multiple stages with many moving parts, and if bugs are caught in the earlier stages it costs much less to fix them during this timeframe over further down the line with the software project is in the final stages. That’s why it’s important to get testing done as soon as possible. 

Taking advantage of the Testing Services and QA’s at Techolony, who have a strong track record of delivering successful digital transformation projects is a worthwhile investment, which will benefit your project budget wise. But, why should you do this? Imagine you just downloaded a new banking app after spotting an advert about it offering the smallest commissions across the market for sending money fast. You did more research into it and decided it was worth signing up to, so you downloaded the app. You tried to “Sign Up” and an “Error” message showed up. You tried again, but the same thing happened. Even after reinstalling the app, same again. Now due to that problem, not only you, but many other users can’t “Sign Up” and use that product. 

So their business has already lost money because transactions are not made and the issue requires support from the customer services team to assist “new” customers - putting a strain when, thanks to the huge marketing campaign, there are now 1000s of new customers with this issue besieging the customer service team! Alternatively, users will go and find another similar app that works and probably will never return to that one because of the bad experience they had. Testing essentially helps you save time and money in the long run because issues are resolved before bigger problems occur. The maintenance costs are also lower, and in the end, if the product works 100% as it should, no exponential damage is done to your business cost-wise.

2: A quality, finished product with no unexpected bugs

In order to make your product vision come to life, it has to work as planned. Following product requirements are imperative, to an extent, because it helps you get the wanted end results. Products always serve users in some ways, so crucial that the final solution delivers the value it promises, hence it should work properly to ensure a great customer experience. Development of an app, for example, has many processes included and testing gets a glimpse of every bit – it checks if the app's graphics are aligned properly, tests the main functionality, checks if menus are intuitive, etc. After developers fix issues, sometimes another issue may appear unexpectedly somewhere else - which is just how testing goes! Device compatibility is also checked for the product, for example, an app’s compatibility on various devices and operating systems. Testing covers many aspects and includes detailed feedback on the UX design, additionally. An expert digital transformation consultancy like Techolony can play an instrumental part in the final product.

3: Security 

Another important point to add is security. This is probably the most sensitive and yet most vulnerable part. There have been many situations where user information has been stolen or hackers have acquired access to it and used it for their benefit. That is the reason people are looking for trusted products that they can rely on. User’s personal information, and what we do with it must stay as private as possible, especially using services where there is a large vulnerability to the end-user - such as us banking information, security details, etc.

Testing Services help you ensure that:

  • Keeps user’s personal information and data safe;
  • Vulnerability free products;
  • Problems and risks are eliminated beforehand;

Sometimes, even the smallest security issues have brought huge problems to businesses, so it is crucial that security is not underestimated -  the GDPR regulation is an ideal example of how a change in legislation brought about an incredible number of fines for businesses that did not comply with the new laws.

Techolony’s testing, automation services and teams are designed to offer all the support an organisation needs in test planning, design and development to provide the most robust test approach for your programme or project needs. Our Testing & Automation forms part of our three support pillars - Change, Protect & Support. Find out more about Techolony's testing and automation services here.

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